A visit from Norway

The norwegian king and queen visited Brazil and queen Sonja asked to see a bit of Brazilian reality. The Norwegian minister of oil proposed a visit to Abrigo Rainha Silvia. Before travelling the royal couple was presented with the project at Abrigo, king Harald then choose to participate also.

At the arrival. Queen Sonja big smile was a big contrast to the pouring rain.
(Photo: Tom Carlos)
The queen took her time to talk to many of the mothers and shown both a big interest and a large knowing.
(Photo: Heiko Junge, Scanpix)
Queen played with the kids with big enthuasiasm.
(foto: Heiko Junge, Scanpix)
Stefan Martinsson together with some of the kids at Abrigo

(Photo: Heiko Junge, Scanpix)


(foto: Heiko Junge, Scanpix) (foto: Heiko Junge, Scanpix)

The girls living in Abrigo had prepared for the visit, they organized the programme as well as the cooking. All the kids of the kindergarten danced and sang, and they all wanted to hug the queen.

The visit of the royal couple gave us much joy and encouraged us in our work.  Both TV and newspapers in Brazil and Norway reported positively of the visit.